• Figure Feminine; Handmade sculptures & natural made candles. 100% natural soy wax Venus Candle, Handmade Venus Sculpture, Sydney Australia. Apollo, Artemis, Venus, Cupid, Candle Sculptures.


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The long-awaited, much-anticipated first release of jar candles from Figure Feminine. Known internationally for the organic use of ingredients in their range of handmade creations, these elegant re-usable ceramic candles are a welcome addition to Figure Feminine's unique range.

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"Figure Féminine is a design & sculptural studio based out of Sydney Australia. Focused on creating all of their collections from local and natural ingredients, Carbon neutral and eco friendly - the creators behind Figure Féminine are redefining what it means to be creators in the 21st century."

- The Tax Collection

"Sometimes a trend comes seemingly out of nowhere to reawaken the collective appreciation for a look that had fallen off the mainstream radar. Inspired by the Venus de Milo depiction of the goddess of love; they're divine through & through."

- Home Style Magazine

" En Gold gets up close and personal with the #SculpturalQueen behind Figure Feminine.  Get to know the artist that's lighting up our clients home's with her ancient Grecian busts."

- En Gold

The Original | Venus Candle


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Figure Feminine X En Gold

Our Sydney female artist paired with Melbourne based En Gold have been inspired to come together & curate a piece influenced by the female form and the creatives behind it.