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We’re really into Hygiene at Figure Feminine, we think our handmade soap bars are awesome! Of course, who wouldn’t be into bar soaps? They're far superior for the skin and their creation is an art form in itself! But we also are aware that most people just don’t know how to properly use their bar soaps. Whether it’s washing with or properly storing it, most people just don’t know how to make their bar soaps work their best magic.   Scrub down like a pro!Let’s talk about the first mistake most people make, applying the soap bar to the skin with your hand. Ok, we know it sounds a little absurd at first to say that the most straightforward thing could possibly...

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Figure Féminine New Collection

Figure Féminine New Collection; The mysterious appeal of Greek mythology & ancient times has inspired us to curate a range of pieces designed to provoke thought as well as compliment their surroundings. Shop our newest collection now including greek god & goddess Apollo & twin sister Artemis.  

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